The Re-A-Door Cabinets Co. Our Mission

Our mission at Re-A-Door Cabinets is to be the leading Custom Kitchen cabinets company in the United States providing superior service, quality, and selection at the lowest possible price.  

Our Values

At Re-A-Door Cabinets we value our customers, our employees, and the communities in which we operate. We are committed to treating our customers with the highest consideration and providing them the best possible value. Our employees are to be treated fairly and with the utmost respect. Each employee has the right to share in the success of Re-A-Door Cabinets. Lastly, we value the communities where we live and do business.  Re-A-Door Cabinets will operate as a contributing citizen within the community. We will always consider the impact of our decisions on those around us.  As a part of our commitment to our community, we contribute a portion of our profits to support local charities.  

Our Founder

David Toneff the original founder of Re-A-Door Cabinets has been  in the Custom Home Building Business in the Tampa Bay Area Since 1989. This experience lead him to form Re-A-Door Cabinets with a set of specific philosophies in mind. First and foremost, Re-A-Door Cabinets will concentrate its efforts on providing value to their customers. We believe that quality does not have to suffer at the expense of price. If we properly control our costs and negotiate the best possible prices using our direct factory relationships, we can provide the highest quality and superior selection at the lowest possible prices. This philosophy has proven to be a successful one.  While this sounds like a simple philosophy, the commitment to value isn’t always easy. There are many low cost import products available that look good, but that will not hold up over time. Re-A-Door Cabinets commitment to value prevents us from using these cabinet doors. All Re-A-Door Cabinet doors come from the leading suppliers within the USA cabinet industry.  Re-A-Door Cabinet customers can rest assured that they will always receive the highest possible quality at the lowest possible price.    

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